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Going Big With BigCommerce For B2B eCommerce

Second Spring is proud to announce our partnership with BigCommerce, one of the most highly regarded platforms in eCommerce. They are experts in B2B eCommerce and provide the functionality needed by many of our growing clients. We’ll be working with this platform, along with Shopify, to help our clients establish or grow their eCommerce footprint.

The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously accelerated the growth of eCommerce across a wide variety of industries. In fact, almost every business that manufacturers a product now requires an eCommerce stream.

It’s not a nice-to-have anymore, it’s absolutely vital

While B2C eCommerce like Amazon or Shopify stores gets a lot of the buzz, the reality is that B2B eCommerce is almost 4-times as large as the consumer market, totalling nearly $11-trillion (yes, trillion). eCommerce is particularly well suited to the needs of many manufacturing, service and custom build companies. They often have an established configure-build-quote process, but it might be highly manual, often based on the knowledge of someone who’s worked there for decades and a lot of manual tweaking of an Excel spreadsheet. That’s not really replicable at scale and poses a lot of business continuity risk.

With BigCommerce, that process can become streamlined for larger projects as well as making it much easier for customers to place regular orders for supplies or replacement parts. BigCommerce is a perfect platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. With its strong configuring, pricing and quoting functionality, it makes a powerful eCommerce program accessible to a wide range of businesses who may still be selling only through traditional channels and unsure about dipping their toe in the eCommerce waters. It allows a business to segment its customers, price and quote for a product or service based on a wide range of inputs, generate purchase orders and net payment terms and more. It also offers very flexible B2B shipping options.

BigCommerce de-risks and simplifies B2B eCommerce

Another thing that’s great about BigCommerce is how it integrates with major ERP, OMS and CRM systems. All of this from a secure, scalable cloud platform for a reasonable monthly charge.

BigCommerce can also be used to sell directly to your consumers. The platform allows you to experiment with shorter supply chains, offer premium, personalized or new products and learn a lot about your customers, based on data, not hunches.

What’s not to love?

eCommerce is not going away. If anything, it’s going to be how business is done in the coming years. Already, nearly 50 percent of B2B buyers are Millennials. They’ve grown up online, and they expect to be able to find the information they need and make purchases online. They want to order or solve a problem themselves, not talk to a salesperson or a contact centre. And they preferably want to do all of this on their phone with a few simple clicks.

So, ask yourself this: is my business ready for this massive generational and technological change that’s already well underway?

Businesses that wait to build up a robust eCommerce program are almost certain to be left behind in this new reality. In fact, it’s already happening. Smart businesses recognize this and are making shrewd investments in B2B and B2C eCommerce that will yield almost immediate ROI as well as ensuring they are around for the long term.

Hesitation will have a price. Second Spring Digital and BigCommerce can help you get started.