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What does an eCommerce Consultant know about Baby Blankets?

Earlier this week, it was announced that I joined the board of Lulujo and invested in the company. A few people have asked why?  

I’m a long-time digital and strategy consultant, and a repeat entrepreneur, but I admit I don’t know that much about the latest trends in baby gifts, swaddles and blankets. But what I do know is business, and Dawn Pottier, the Founder and CEO of Lulujo, has created a strong enterprise with tremendous growth potential from right here in Fredericton, New Brunswick. 

I have known Dawn for many years. Lulujo was a tenant in our building when I was operating my previous company SwiftRadius (acquired by Deloitte in 2015). I watched as she turned an idea she had during her maternity leave into a global business. 

Dawn and her team can go from a concept in a sketch book to a product in the store in just a few months. They've built a scalable supply chain and world-wide distribution network and they already reach consumers in over 40 countries around the world.  

Just an amazing company. 

When the pandemic struck, Lulujo, like most companies, needed to pivot quickly. The retail environment was uncertain with COVID-19 wreaking havoc around the globe. The company knew they needed to up their direct-to-consumer eCommerce game, and quickly. 

As Dawn jokes now, she looked at eCommerce strategists across North America before realizing the partner she needed was the guy who had worked across the hall from her. Second Spring Digital began working with Lulujo on its eCommerce Conversion Optimization last year, and the results have been impressive. Online sales directly to consumers on are up nearly 400 percent year-over-year. And the sales blip from the pandemic Dawn feared would impact her distributors and retailers never came to pass. In fact, Dawn took the bold step of opening her flagship retail store in Fredericton in the midst of the pandemic.  

That’s leadership. 

Second Spring Digital takes a very focused and methodical approach to maximizing eCommerce results, with a particular emphasis on conversion rate optimization. Dawn’s products, brand and marketing create the environment for online salesOur job is to increase the traffic to the eCommerce store and ensure customers feel comfortable clicking ‘Buy’ more often. Our team works closely with the Lulujo team to ensure the eCommerce store is converting well, with lots of testing and tweaking of site structure, product imagery, keywords and so forth to get it absolutely right. 

It’s been a great partnership.  

Working with Dawn as a strategic advisor, I clearly saw the potential for Lulujo has ahead of it under her leadership. With its great designs, quality products and strong social media presence, the company is poised for greater success around the worldA strong eCommerce program is a cornerstone of their global business strategyWhen Dawn and I discussed the opportunity to invest and join the Board of Directors, I jumped at it.  

So, yes, it’s true that I don’t know too much about baby blankets. But this much is clear to me –Lulujo is a well-run company with a clearly defined product positioning in a growing market. From its base here in Fredericton, Lulujo can use eCommerce to take its products to the world.  

I am excited to take part in the journey.