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Your Digital Strategy Should Be Like a Mullet

Digital Strategy Mullet

The mullet is a much-maligned hairstyle, relegated to hockey players and aging country singers. But there is a valuable lesson in the mullet – it allows you to have two hairstyles at once: business in the front and party in the back.

It’s an (unlikely) inspiration for Second Spring’s Digital Growth Roadmap. We believe that a great digital strategy is like a mullet - the kind that anyone, not just hockey legend and mullet enthusiast Jaromir Jagr, can pull off.

Our Digital Growth Roadmap (DGR) puts the business in the front while the tech party goes on in the back.

A strong digital strategy helps businesses leverage technology to prosper in a hypercompetitive landscape. We believe that a great digital strategy incorporates three parts:

  1. A clear sense of where your business is today
  2. A strategy for where digital can take your business, built from the insights on where it is now
  3. How to get there: a tactical roadmap of how to achieve the strategy through digital, supported by technology know-how to make the roadmap realistic and achievable.

Plenty of business owners are struggling to figure out exactly where to begin, what the cost will be, and what results they can expect after they invest in a digital strategy - especially as they concentrate on staying afloat through the COVID-19 pandemic. We hear statements like this all the time:

  • "I have no idea where to start."
  • "I don't have the time to figure out digital."
  • "I need an idea of the costs before I start a bunch of digital projects."
  • "I need a picture of the sales growth I can expect."
  • "Digital is complex - I need someone to help simplify it for me."

Our Digital Growth Roadmap will answer your questions and concerns while driving meaningful ROI for any business. It’s a shrewd investment in your business’s future.

And if you are a New Brunswick-based company, you can get support from TechImpact’s Digital Boost 2.0 program, aimed at helping New Brunswick businesses develop a strategy to leverage technology to boost their competitiveness and sustainability. Second Spring Digital is proud to be a qualified service provider for Digital Boost 2.0 - you can work with us to develop your Digital Growth Roadmap.

Digital is complex. Let these guys simplify it for you.

There are three certified providers on the Second Spring Digital team who have the right business skills to lead a digital strategy and implement the Digital Growth Roadmap system for your business. Scott MacIntosh, Darren Dunn and Mathieu Collin, MBA can combine the tools built into DGR and the expertise of Second Spring Digital - all to create an effective assessment, strategy and roadmap for your business in as little as three weeks. Better still: Mathieu, our first externally certified provider, is fully bilingual and can provide service in French.

Check out Digital Boost 2.0 if you’re ready to bring the mullet back to your business.


Would you like to explore becoming a certified Digital Growth Roadmap provider, able to create a digital strategy for organizations? Let’s talk.