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Get Your Digital Boost Here


There’s great news for New Brunswick-based businesses.

TechImpact has unveiled the Digital Boost 2.0 program that provides up to $20,000 (non-repayable!) to qualifying businesses to develop a transformative digital strategy including eCommerce, online customer service and digital marketing.

The program is designed to match businesses with qualified IT firms best equipped to help them grow. Second Spring Digital is proud to be a qualified service provider for the Digital Boost 2.0 program, and we’re ready to work with your business to unlock both this funding and your company’s growth potential.

We recognize that applying to this program might pose some questions – how do I describe my strategy if I am using the program funding to develop the strategy? We get it.

Let’s talk about it. We can have a quick call to discuss your plans for growth and get your application completed.

The Digital Boost 2.0 program provides 75 percent of a maximum of $26,600, so a $20,000 contribution to your business, to develop your digital strategy. Second Spring will help you establish a clear roadmap that will guide your business to an effective digital approach, including eCommerce, conversion optimization, online customer service, search engine optimization, digital marketing and more.

This is a customized plan that will reflect the specific needs of your business.

If you’ve waited to enter the digital world, or if you haven’t had the results you hoped for from a move online, this is your chance to hit the ground running, working with our team of experienced professionals. We’ve been in the digital and technology trenches for years and we know what works.

We’ll develop a clear, actionable plan to build your modern business, adding qualified leads no matter what your business does. With this digital roadmap in place, you will create solid new revenue streams that add to both your top line and bottom line results, build a digital moat around your business and protect yourself from new competitors.

Your digital strategy will mean more, happier customers.

Already planning your application to the Digital Boost 2.0 program? Check out our Application Guide. It will help you with some of the trickier questions you will need to answer to qualify for funding. Or give us a call and we can work it out together.

Funding for the Digital Boost 2.0 program is limited, so don’t hesitate to get moving on this great opportunity to accelerate your company’s digital growth strategy.